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How to Watch North vs South Rugby Game 2020 September 05

How to Watch North vs South Rugby Game | New Zealand Rugby South vs North Island live stream in Sky Stadium in Wellington | 2020 September 05

It’ll be an all-Aotearoa celebration when New Zealand’s best rugby players, including our All Blacks, go head to head and for bragging rights in the Steinlager North vs South Rugby Match on Saturday 05 September at Sky Stadium in Wellington.

Live updates from 7pm

Full Results : North 35 – South 38

North (R Ioane 2, McKenzie, Smith & Dixon tries; McKenzie 5 conversions) South (Jordan 2, Laulala, J Barrett & Lomax tries; Barrett 5 conversions & penalty)

40th minute: TRY to Jordan

Dixon’s throw to the lineout is crooked and South have one last chance to steal this.

They put the pressure on the scrum and win a penalty. Ioane kicks to the corner for one more lineout.

South are playing under advantage from the lineout, but maul towards the line.

Williams brings them back for the penalty and we’re deep into extra time. Iaoen finds touch again, another lineout.

Coltman finds Selby-Rickit, Ioane kicks across field, where Jordan and McKenzie both leap for the ball. Jordan rises higher, gathers and scampers away for the gamewinner.

Barrett converts and South win 38-35.

38th minute: South are hot on attack, Barrett is stopped short, Coltman is tackled short too and Savea is over the ball, winning a penalty for North.

36th minute: South win their lineout, but Aaron Smith steals the ball. Bridge runs a clearance back and wins another penalty.

Ioane kicks to the corner.

35th minute: North are penalised in midfield and Barrett finds touch.

33rd minute: Selby-Rickit finds a gap in midfield, but North force a turnover, Leinert-Brown finds Akira Ioane steaming up in support.

As the North threaten to bust the game open, Whitelock is over a tackle to force a turnover for the South.

31st minute: TRY to Dixon

McKenzie kicks to the corner and from the lineout win, North lay seige on the South line. Eventually Dixon is over the line, but Whitelock is pleading that he hasn’t forced the ball.

Williams isn’t checking upstairs, McKenzie converts and North are back ahead 35-31.

30th minute: Savea bursts of the back of a scrum, Ioane and Savea again combine down the right, and Williams is playing advantage.

From the penalty, North spurn an easy kick at goal and earn another penalty.

26th minute: TRY to Rieko Ioane

McKenzie puts Clarke into space and when the ball goes right, Ioane busts through the defence for his second of the night.

McKenzie converts to bring North within 31-28. Tuungafasi is back on, as Johnstone leaves for an HIA.

Manaaki Selby-Rickit comes on at lock for the South.

24th minute: Dalton Papalii and Peter Umaga-Jensen have come on for the North. Finlay Christie at halfback for the South.

22nd minute: TRY to Lomax

Jordan, Goodhue and Barrett have the North stretched on the right, and when the ball goes back infield, Mo’unga finds the prop running a perfect line to score.

Barrett converts from in front and suddenly the lead is double figures, 31-21.

20th minute: Ash Dixon comes on at hooker for the North, while Dillon Hunt enters the game for the South.

18th minute: TRY to Jordan

Long ball left sets Dunshea rumbling down the sideline, but Savea turns the ball over. McKenzie threatens to bust the defence, but his pass goes astray – all his support has overrun the play – and Jordan gathers to canter in for the try.

Barrett converts, South lead 24-21.

17th minute: Slow service from Smith to Barrett from the lineout and Christie is over the takle to turnover possession.

16th minute: North win a scrum penalty on the 22, Akira Ioane wants a quick tap, but the ref is holding up the show. Barrett kicks to the corner.

13th minute: Weber takes a quick tap from a penalty, but North steal the ball back. Nice interchange by Ioane brothers in midfield puts Savea away down the right sideline, but he’s tackled into touch.

11th minute: The entire South front tow is replaced, with Coltman, Lomax and Bower entering the fray. They immediately win a scrum penalty in midfield.

10th minute: North work a tricky lineout of their own, with Leinert-Brown winning a long throw, but the ball eventually goes loose.

Some changes for the North, with Taavao and Johnstone coming into the front row, and Scrafton into lock.

Ninth minute: North win a scrum penalty, so they’re battling back after some earlier setbacks.

Sixth minute: TRY to Smith

McKenzie runs into the line, Reece drifts infield as a decoy and McKenzie’s pass finds Sotutu running down the right sideline.

Smith runs a great support line to take the last pass to score and give North a 21-17 lead.

Fifth minute: Reece takes another high kick and North build an attack from their own half.

Fourth minute: Another tricky South lineout, throwing to the middle and tapping back to the front, but no-one is there to gather and North clear through Reece down the right.

Third minute: South are laying seige in the North 22, but Williams has North for offside again. Still no sin bin.

Mo’unga kicks to the corner.

Second minute: Weber puts a high kick up, Reece takes it well, but Christie is over the tackle and draws a penalty for holding on.

First minute: Aaron Smith has replaced Perenara at halfback for the North, Mo’unga is back at first-five for the South.

From the kickoff, North kick deep, Clarke is quickly on Jordan, but Williams penalises the North.


40th minute: North have an attacking lineout, but Whitelock wins one against the throw and Ioane finds touch to end the half, with South on top.

39th minute: North get two bites at a midfield scrum and eventually a penalty against Moody. Barrett finds touch and Tuipulotu wins the lineout.

There’s a scuffle in midfield between Taylor and Perenara.

36th minute: Dunshea wins a lineout, but the North forwards pin the maul inside the South half. Bridge knocks on, while passing to Frizell.

35th minute: Leinert-Brown and McKenzie combine to put Reece away down the right sideline, but Barrett takes him over the sideline in cover defence.

South take a quick lineout near their own line and Beauden Barrett gathers the long throw to score, but he’s offside.

34th minute: Mo’unga is waiting to re-enter the game, after passing his HIA.

3st minute: TRY to Jordie Barrett

Weber dabs for the line, Sanders picks up and drives, Taylor passes to Barrett, who takes out Reece and the corner flag as he reaches over to score.

Barrett, who missed that sitter from in front a minute ago, converts from the sideline for a 17-14 South lead.

30th minute: South work another tricky lineout throw to the front and their forwards drive in midfield.

29th minute: North scrum is penalised for angling into contact. Ioane finds touch.

27th minute: South forwards are trying to set something up on halfway, but Sotutu steals the ball and Beauden Barrett splits the defence.

When tackled, his pass goes astray and forwafrd. Mo’unga is headed down the tunnel for a head assessment, replaced by Josh Ioane.

26th minute: Jordie Barrett misses the penalty attempt from just left of the posts and the non-existent North supporters in the stand go crazy.

25th minute: Sanders storms off the back of the scrum to set up a South attack. Williams has penalised North for offside again and is warning Tuipulotu.

Probably not in the spirit of the game to send someone off, but what can you do?

24th minute: Barrett finds touch with the penalty, but the lineout throw is not straight, South have good attacking position on the North 10.

23rd minute: South work a tricky lineout move that sets a maul and Taylor is carried over the line for a try. Officials are checking for obstruction and rule that the maul had split – classic truck and trailer.

No try.

22nd minute: South after playing under advantage and Mo’unga puts a kick behind the North goal-line. Sotutu just beats Jordie Barrett to touch the ball down, but South have the penalty and kick to the corner.

20th minute: Akira Ioane makes a mistake from the kickoff, South go on attack, but Leinert-Brown rips the ball free and North counterattack from their own goal-line.

Ioane’s pass to Reece goes into touch.

18th minute: TRY to McKenzie

Clarke, Ioane and Perenara combine down the left, and McKenzie runs a nice line in support to take the final pass and score. McKenzie converts his own try to give North a 14-10 lead.

16th minute: Dunshea wins the lineout for South and Faingaanuku makes a midfield bust. George kicks ahead and the North try to conjure something up in their own 22.

McKenzie gives Aumua some space and the hooker kicks upfield – Jordie Barrett’s angled kick finds touch on the full.

15th minute: First scrum of the game collapses, South feed in their own 22. They earn a penalty, after the North front row goes to ground.

13th minute: McKenzie puts an angled kick behind the South defence, and Aumua is there to bustle Mo’unga off the ball and keep the ball in play.

Meanwhile, Ennor is struggling off, after injuring a knee in a tackle on Rieko Ioane. He’s replaced by Faingaanuku.

11th minute: Williams penalises North in the lineout and Barrett put South ahead with an easy attempt at goal, 10-7

10th minute: Mo’unga puts a kick over the advancing North defence and Jordan gathers, but his long pass towards Christie goes over the sideline. Williams brings them back for a penalty and South find touch.

Seventh minute: TRY to Laulala

South win the lineout, but North forwards initially stall the driving maul. Weber darts towards the line and when he eventually dragged down short, Laulala is on the right sport to gether the loose ball and fall over the line.

Sixth minute: Savea is ajudged offside after the kickoff, Mo’unga finds the corner with his touchfinder.

Third minute: TRY to Rieko Ioane

From the lineout, North forwards control the ball and drive towards the posts. They have an advantage for offside, but don’t need it, as Ioane runs onto a deft kick from Barrett to score.

McKenzie converts to give North the early advantage, 7-0.

First minute: Straight from the kickoff, Clarke catches the ball and splits the South defence, putting his team hot on attack.

North are playing under penalty advantage and will come back to midfield – Barrett kicks to the corner.

Pre-kickoff: Windy and coldish in Wellington, no surprises there. North have won the toss and South will kick off.

Paul Williams will ref the match.

With just over a few days until the Steinlager South vs North Rugby clash at Sky Stadium , anticipation is growing among fans as to who will make the cut in either side.

With history dating back to 1897, North vs South Rugby matches have been fiery affairs and the 2020 edition promises to be just as competitive! The 81st match of this legacy will see player eligibility determined by the first province played for; pitching teammate against teammate.

Are you supporting North or South? Grab your friends and family and make a day of it, with a 5.35pm kick off.

North vs South Rugby Live Stream

Event NZ Rugby North v South | Steinlager South vs North Island
Date 2020 September 05 kick off  5:35 pm
Venue Sky Stadium in Wellington
Live Stream Live on SKY & FOX TV

Early kick-off time and location confirmed for North v South fixture

New Zealand Rugby have confirmed that the North v South exhibition match will kick off at 5:35PM from Wellington on August 29th, two weeks after the end of Super Rugby Aotearoa.

The Steinlager North v South Match is a chance for all New Zealanders, wherever they are, to get behind a team and to enjoy watching the ‘best of the best’ go head to head against each other for 80 minutes.

The North v South Match has a celebrated history, with the first game played in 1897 (won by the North 16-3) and was an annual fixture for much of the 20th century. It was last played in Dunedin in 2012 (won by the South 32-24). The 2020 match will be the 81st time the two islands have played each other with the Northerners having won 50 matches and the South 27, with three draws.

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